5 Dec 2019


Mountain biking has been a part of Malene Degn almost as long as she remembers. She got her first little pink mtb when she was 9 years old, and since then this amazing sport has been her passion. 
For her mountain biking is about having fun, connecting with people, adventures, pushing her limits, and competing. Now she is 23 years old and the sport has become a huge part of her. She is a professional bike rider for team KMC - EKOï - Orbea. Together with them and her Orbea Red Oiz bike she is travelling all around the world, for races such as the World Cup. 

Dear Red Oiz, 

You are the new kid on the block. I have known other Orbea Oiz bikes, but you are different. You are my custom bike. So don't be shy. Together we are going to spend plenty of hours in the sun & rain and in glory & disappointments. You and I is like a love/hate relationship. 
I hope 2020 will bring many more stories and memories. So what about starting with the beginning and just go ride the bike? 
Cheers to the love of bikes and let's go ride!