26 Nov 2019


The French super cool rider Kevin Miquel of our Sunn Enduro Team partners this year achieved a fantastic 3th place overall in Enduro World Series. An incredible result that we have celebrated together over the last period. WE, the team, Kevin and his special bike equipped with FSA parts.

MTB improved a lot past few years! Riding is different, more aggressive, we’re still on the edge, and we have to trust our bikes to push the limits.

I’m super confident with my Sunn Enduro Kern 29! First of all, it’s always something special to be able to ride a high ended bike as the new Sunn. It’s something literally exceptional. We are lucky guys!

I’m super confident when I push as strong as I can on the pedals to deliver the power to the wheels by my crank! I’m super confident when I have to tackle a corner with a lot of roots and rocks and when my cockpit helps me to stay in my line very precisely! I’m super confident with my wheels when, at the end of a stage, I’m exhausted and I still have to jump some gaps where I could be a bit short

Being confident on my Sunn Kern LT 29 allows me to perform and to be focused only on my race!

This is the way to going as fast as you can.