3 oct 2019


Conor MacFarlane has made a name for himself in the freeride MTB world. Accustomed to events such as Red Bull Rampage, Crankworx and The Fest Series, he is known for going big in his own unique style!

Born in Scotland to an Irish mother and a Kiwi father, he quickly returned to Queenstown NZ where he still lives today. It was here, at SkyLine Queenstown, that he learned to ride and progress with his bikes.

Here his letter to their special mates.

Dear Bikes,
I never know which one of you to spend my time with, its always changing which one of you I enjoy the most.  You all offer me different things but one thing never changes, the fun on offer.  Whether it is at home, or on the road, you never fail to deliver.  Every once and a while you need a little spruce up but I like to think I deliver the attention you deserve when you are in need.  Sometimes its a bit of a one way relationship, you are always there waiting patiently, even when I ignore you for a spell; but not to worry, I’m never far away.
You have taken me a lot of places I would have never been without you, met a lot of people I would have never met without you and provided a lot of fun over the years, so thank-you for everything you have offered and here’s to continued years of fun together!

Cheers, Conor.