25 Giu 2019

Gee Atherton Wins at Rhyd y Felin

“It was a great racing weekend at Rhyd y Felin for Team Atherton! With an abundant amount of sunshine and lots of dust, Saturday's practice and Sunday’s qualifying runs were accomplished in great style with Gee in 1st place in quals at 2.47.13 and Charlie right on his tail in 2.49.48."

“Unfortunately, the deluge of rain a half an hour before finals created total chaos for all of the racers. The top roots that had been progressively more polished during dusty runs were now slick and lethal and as for the grassy turns at the bottom of the course… both our riders went down, along with about 90% of the Elites.”

“We are happy to report that Gee was the fastest back up and clocked in at 1.5 seconds clear of the field!”

-Atherton Racing

Full Speed Ahead proudly sponsers Atherton Racing with Gradient cranksets. Also if you missed it, be sure to read about Rachel Atherton's World Cup win a couple weeks back!

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