12 jan 2017


Recently, the FSA SL-K Adventure crankset was bestowed the Red Kite Prayer Annual End of Year Award in the “Diamond Encrusted Pint Glass of Reasonableness” category. The article states “This one goes to the 3T’s Dave Koesel, and FSA for dreaming up subcompact gearing. Finally, some people sat down and realized that a 50×11 gear is something that the vast majority of all riders will use for less than one percent of their riding. Sugino had a crank with a 46×30 combination, but no one had connected the dots between it and adventure riding. Koesel, while still the road product manager at Felt, approached FSA and others to see if they’d produce the crank. And because the component manufacturers have for the most part eliminated cassettes that begin with a 12, it took FSA, an ongoing source of innovation, to see the promise. I bet that by 2018 we see SRAM and Shimano begin to offer subcompact cranks on high-end component groups (Shimano’s Metrea doesn’t count), but I also bet that Cannondale (with Hollowgram) and Rotor come out with subcompacts before they do. In the meantime, I wish millions of dollars in sales of FSA’s cranks to us mortals. We give an honorable mention to Felt for being the first company to actually spec the FSA crank on a bike.”

You can view the full article HERE to view other categories and award winners.
Article courtesy of Padraig at Red Kite Prayer