3 mai 2018

Law Wins Dana Point Grand Prix

Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling Run First, Third, and Fourth in First Ever Team Victory at Southern California Race

“I looked to see where we were both sitting and I was in front and still really couldn’t believe that I’d actually won,” Scott Law.

Now in its 12th year, the Dana Point Grand Prix Presented by Kingston Technology is one-of the best organized and attended 1-day professional & Bike Festival events in America. The 2018 edition again featured a fast L shaped six turn course over .8 miles of Dana Point’s local roads.

The Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling team has come close through the years, attending each edition of the event during the team’s existence, but has yet to step onto the top step of the podium, that is until now.

The race started out with a hard and fast opening salvo led by squads looking to make the early break. H&R Block, Gateway Harley Davidson, and Los Angeles Bicycle Club joined us in keeping the front of the race animated with each team looking to put several riders up the road.

There was a big crash 15 minutes in, which saw the race neutralized for a few minutes while they cleared the course and made sure it was all safe to go. “After that,” added Scott Law, “things settled down quite a bit after pretty tense start to the race with a lot of bumping and bruising.”

With about 10 laps remaining, the team began looking for each other and getting organized for the lead out train in front of Cory Williams and Scott. The team took over the front with 6 laps to go and started riding to keep the pace high but settled.

“The team was strong on the front with Nick (Torraca), Gavin (Hoover), and Brian (McCulloch) rolling some pretty solid turns,” Scott continued, “while Alfredo (Rodriguez), Cory, and myself protected the back of the train to make sure no other teams could come through and take our front position.”

“With two laps to go, the boys started rippin really hard and getting the lead out train going really smooth with Nick taking over the first set of pulls, followed by Brian into one lap to go. Gavin took over with a massive pull,” added Scott, “that got us through to the left hand turn with about 400 meters to go.

Alfredo took over from there. In order to get a good run off of Alfredo, Scott backed off his wheel coming out of the last turn. Just before the turn, though, Justin Williams (Specialized) tried to come through on the inside “so I had to shut the door on him while ensuring no one took over my spot on Alfredo’s wheel,” continued Scott. Once on the final straight the boys punched out for the home stretch with last year’s winner, Justin Williams (Specialized) still trying to come through. “I kept pushing all the way until the finish and we had a throw for the line,” said Scott. “I didn’t know who had got it and I don’t know whether he knew who got it until 20 or 30 meters after the line I kind of looked to see where we were both sitting and I was in front and still really couldn’t believe that I’d actually won.”

“The boys rode amazing,” said Scott Law. “Everyone from the riders through to the staff and supporters were just unbelievable today and we couldn’t have asked for a better result getting first 3rd and 4th!”

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Podium Count: 

Wins: 21
Podiums: 39


Sponsor Highlight: 

Full Speed Ahead

The team had the great opportunity to sign autographs with FSA at Sea Otter this year while learning more about the products they have to offer. Thank you FSA for the support!