18 avr 2019

FSA @ PROGRT Port Angeles, WA

The weekend before the Sea Otter Classic brings many of the USA’s top DH racers to Washington State in the Pacific Northwest for one of the best races in the USA: the Dry Hill ProGRT in Port Angeles, WA. The PA ProGRT is the biggest downhill race in the USA each year, apart from the US Open. With a reputation of having such a “stacked field”, the PA ProGRT event is dubbed as the “Underworld Cup”.

Port Angeles is known for steep tracks, rough terrain, fast locals and one of the best race vibes on the circuit. Complete with a “Party In The Woods” vibe, bonfires and chill beats on the sound system, PA will always bring forth the fun for every racer! 

Early season racing at Dry Hill ironically features wet conditions, but don’t let that fool you, as race times are rarely affected by rain. Much to everyone’s astonishment, the soil on the track always seems to thrive under heavy precipitation. The Olympic Dirt Society locals do an amazing job keeping the countless trails draining, flowing, and in great condition year after year. 

FSA sponsored riders who raced at this year’s 2019 ProGRT DH included KHS Factory Racing's trio of Nik Nestoroff, Steven Walton & Bryce Helbling, Poloygon’s Dan Wolfe, and Norco’s Josh Gibb. The riders saw rain all day Saturday during practice and seeding runs but received a welcoming blast of sun peeking through the clouds on race day. 

Nik Nestoroff secured 8th place on the day while Steve Walton placed 13th, Josh Gibb 23rd and Bryce Helbling landing 26th. 

It was a great weekend of racing in “Always Sunny Port Angeles” and a perfect testing grounds for our riders heading into the 2019 World Cup. FSA was on hand to show off our new 800 Carbon DH Bars, 83mm Gradient Cranks and to high five all the racers throughout the weekend! If you’re a Downhill fan but have never made it the “Underworld Cup”, make sure it is on your calendar next year! 


KHS heads north to Washington State to compete at Pro GRT 2 for the year. The rains stuck around all week and made for some tricky race conditions - Enjoy!

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