8 juin 2021

Event Recap: Unbound Gravel

Event: Unbound Gravel
Location: Emporia, Kansas
Date: June 3-5, 2021
Racing: 25, 50, 100 & 200mi

Full Speed Ahead took part in what is now being heralded as the “World Championships of Gravel Racing”. Over the past 10 years, this event has grown to include not just local and regional riders, but full-time gravel racers, former World Tour racers and even a handful of current professional roadies. The over 3,000 registered racers were sent out on Saturday for an epic ride, each having their own story to tell...

Full Speed Ahead exhibited at the “All Things Gravel” expo that featured over 50 other exhibitors showcasing gravel goods to the racers and attendees. Adventure Gravel Cross (AGX) was our main highlighted category with both cockpit and cranksets heralding the main focus; all under the slogan Unroad Yourself. Our booth also featured two of our brand partner’s bikes: an FSA K-Force AGX and Vision equipped Cervelo Aspero and an SL-K AGX GT Carbon Grade. Both bikes were appropriately Unbound Gravel-friendly with plenty of aero carbon lines and AGX components.

Activities included not just the FSA booth and AGX goodness, but a daily product giveaway of accessories and grand prize of AGX K-Wing handlebars. The biggest win would be our partnership with Pure Gravel and sponsoring of The Pre-Ride Show. This format was a unique one-on-one interview with the most notable names in gravel that were at Unbound Gravel. These included riders such as 2019 winner Colin Stickland, euro racer Laurens Ten Dam, YouTube blogger The Vegan Cyclist and 2019 women’s champion Alison Tetrick. The interviews were unique in that these were both static, in-place interviews and actual rolling on course rider chats.

FSA-sponsored athletes were at the front end of the race and included Travis McCabe, Chris Schroeder, and eventual 6th place finisher Rob Carpenter, who had flown in directly from France and his spring classics racing. Both Travis and Rob were riding the new prototype Felt carbon gravel bike that have not yet been seen in public before the race. Incidentally, Rob chose to ride the very road favorable and World Tour proven Metron 40 Disc TL wheels and our K-Wing AGX Carbon Handlebar.

Overall, we thouroughly enjoyed seeing everyone face -to-face again as well as building stronger relationships and partnerships for the future!

  • The calm before the storm
  • Rally Cycling's Rob Carpenter
  • The front pack in the 250mi race