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Damien Oton on the 3rd podium spot | Photo credit to Sven Martin

Damien Oton on the 3rd podium spot | Photo credit to Sven Martin

7 juil 2017

Devinci Race Team: Race Report

"We expected beautiful France to be radiant, a respite to what some now call the Enduro Wet Series. Unfortunately, this was far from being a vacation destination for the best riders in the world who had to fight hard on wet, very slippery and technical trails. But nothing stopped the Devinci Global Racing athletes - both French - who were anything but tourists!"

"Nine special rounds over two days of racing. A course totalling 3,300 metres climbing and 4,200 metres descending over 88 kilometres. Théo Galy was extremely motivated by this 5th stage, happy to ride under the encouragement of his family and friends. 'I had a crazy feeling on the bike, even on slippery ground. I was definitely in great shape!' - Theo"

"Damien Oton — aka the Catalan Eagle — also pursued this 5th stage, near his home. The cold temperature and conditions complicated things but still Damien was able to limit the damage —and this is an understatement, since he concluded Day 1 in 5th position."

"Theo braved all the elements on the first day of racing, obtaining excellent results over the stages, namely: 4th, 3rd, 4th, 12th to finally end the day by winning the last special stage. Morale was at its highest for Day 2 that promised weather as cold and wet as the first. Damien started the day with aplomb: 3rd in round 6. Legs and motivation were all there! This time it was Theo who had the most difficult day, he who had spared no effort the day before. He managed to maintain a good pace and to avoid any difficulty. His efforts were rewarded with a Top 5 in the end!"

"Damien Oton had the podium in mind until the very end. As he recounted: 'I left at the top of the last special stage in 6th position in the overall standings and I ended up with 3rd place! I was ecstatic that I give it my all without letting up!' - Damien.

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  • Photo credit to Sven Martin
  • Photo credit to Sven Martin
  • Left: Damien Oton Right: Théo Galy | Photo credit to Sven Martin

This was a difficult but extremely satisfying race for Devinci Global Racing. Now, a bit of fun for what Damien has dubbed "the craziest race of the year": the Megavalanche!"