23 oct 2019

Andy Potts 14th at Kona with K-Force WE TT Groupset

Another Ironman Kona World Championship has just finished. Not just for anyone. It has been a special edition for us, the occasion to see in action the K-Force WE TT Groupset, on a Ceepo Viper R tri bike of the American champion Andy Potts.  
Andy finished the race in 14th position, an excellent result challenging the cheery on top of the triathlon world, with a great finish time in the bike split. No doubt that Andy has been able to gain an advantage in terms of weight and performance from the FSA groupset.

anduy 2
“Using electronic shifting is a game-changer for me in racing and even more so in training. You don’t realize how many shifts you make during a training ride until you pay attention. On one ride, I counted that I did over 568 shifts in an hour. That is a lot of shifts.” said Andy at the end of his 11th participation to Kona.
“I find that using WE electronic shifting changes how I ride a bike and makes it that much more enjoyable. In terms of the functionality of the WE system, I love the dual button designs and also how you can turn it on and off with the push of a button. The ergonomics of the buttons make the transition from mechanical to electronic seamless and everything about the system is intuitive. I could not see myself riding a TT bike without WE electronic on it.”

andy 3
Developed with many pro riders and triathletes over the last years, the FSA K-Force WE groupset has brought unique technology to the road bike groupset market. Recent winner of a stage at La Vuelta with Angel Madrazo of BH-Burgos team, and Andy Pott’s achievement represents another verification of reliability for K-Force WE groupset.

  • Andy Potts in action with K-Force WE TT Groupset
  • Andy Potts at Kona with Ceepo Shadow bike