4 Sep 2019

Mille Takes the Silver at Downhill World Championships

Atherton Racing’s junior rider, Mille Johnset, piloted her Atherton Bike to another spectacular success today at World Champs Mont Sainte Anne, where she took the silver medal! Mille’s friend and rival, Vali Holl, continued her domination of the junior women’s competition taking the gold.

Mont Sainte Anne is a classic circuit having previously hosted 2 World Championships and more than 20 World Cups, but it was Mille’ first trip to this intimidating course.

Mille qualified 2nd after a tough week including a lot of rain and a wet qualification run. Qualifying continued to get tougher as she tried a new line in Saturday’s practice, failing to make the turn and ending up in the net. In a second practice crash she ended up on her face and cut her lip.

Things improved for the young Norwegian as the sun emerged form the behind the clouds 10min before her race run. As she took her place in the start gate, the track was prime with the rocks dry and a little damp left in some of the dirt for maximum grip: optimum conditions for an attacking run.

Mille said “I’m so happy! It’s been a really hard week, so I’m stoked to get through without any big mistakes. I messed up a little at the top, but the rest was clean and smooth so I’m happy. Huge congratulations to Vali!”

Junior Women
1st.Vali Höll: 5:01.033
2nd.Mille Johnset:+12.928
3rd.Anna Newkirk:+21.230
4th.Nastasia Gimenez:+38.316
5th.Jordan Scott:+46.863

The Atherton Racing team has been crushing it this year with some huge wins! FSA equipps their team with Gradient Cranksets, that are also available in a Downhill configuration.

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