3 Abr 2020

KHS Pro MTB Team: Bike Checks

Hi everyone. First off, we hope everyone is staying safe and healthy out there during these times of uncertainty. We thought we'd share some bike checks with you while you're indoors for the time being. With with racing postponed, the KHS Pro MTB Team has been active with content during these idle times and here are some of the team's bike checks that have recently been covered:

Seamus Powell:

Nik Nesteroff:

We would also llike to welcome @Kaylie Selter to the team as well!

Stay strong and positive everyone and be sure to check out our current 20% off MAP Break window taking place until mid-April!

  • Photo credit: @antoio13009
  • Kaylie Selter   Photo credit: @antoio13009
  • Nik Nesteroff  Photo credit: @antoio13009