1 Nov 2017

Donnelly Cycling Team Race Recap: Cincy CX Festival

Well, it took a bit longer than we wanted, but the team was finally able to break out the mud tires this past weekend at the Cincy CX Festival! It was a couple of days of awesome racing on two incredible courses. The entire crew at Donnelly would like to tip our caps to the race organizers and volunteers for putting on such a great event!

The Saturday race was a true mudder with riders opting for our PDX and BOS tubulars and low tire pressure. And, although things dried up a bit for the Sunday race, traction was still a factor in the slick corners. Most riders kept aggressive treads on the Pivot Vaults." As much as I excited for the first real mud race of the season, I felt a little off my game once the gun went off," said Jamey Driscoll. "I didn't have the power I normally do in the heavy, slow conditions and was making more mistakes than I should.  It was still probably the most fun course of the year, I just wish I could have raced smoother!"

Sunday went much better for Jamey, but he had to earn it. "I missed my pedal at the start, leaving me to make up a lot of spots," said Jamey. "I eventually made it up to the group battling for third, however I had burned quite a few matches getting there. I didn't have enough left to separate myself from that group in the closing laps."Jamey would finish 7th on Saturday and 5th on Sunday, just a few seconds away from a podium appearance. He is looking forward to the Pan Am Championships next weekend.

"It was awesome. The Devou Park course and the heavy mud made for some truly proper cross conditions. It definitely took a couple laps to remember what it feels like to be two-wheel drifting in and out of every corner." said Lance Haidet after Saturdays race.  "I had a good first couple of laps on Saturday, but as I the body started getting tired, I definitely began to struggle out there." said Lance. "The mud definitely is not forgiving when you aren’t riding your best." He would finish 13th on the day.

Sunday was a better result, finishing 10th. "Sunday was a course that you definitely wanted to be in group, however, I spent the majority of the race riding in between groups."
Although the U23 National Champion Lance Haidet rode consistent both days in Cincinnati, he left the weekend wanting more. "It's going to be a great battle next weekend in the U23 Pan Am Championship race. I'm looking forward to it!" Laurel Rathbun will be the first to tell you this wasn't her best weekend on the cross bike. "On Saturday It was real 'cross conditions' with thick peanut butter mud and hardcore racing, " said Laurel. "I had perfect preparation and felt great coming into the weekend, but when the whistle was blown, it was like I was pedaling in slow motion. My head and legs were not even close to being on the same page!" Always a positive racer, Laurel is already planning ahead. "For the most part, I've put the weekend out of my head and regrouped and refocused on the upcoming weekend in Louisville. Family and friends are coming to cheer me on and I'm really looking forward to a good, fun and hopefully fast weekend." Laurel would finish 20th on Saturday ad 15th on Sunday.

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Jingle Cross World Cup – Iowa City, IO
NEXT STOP: CrossVegas – Las Vegas, NV
Trek CXC World Cup – Waterloo, WI
KMC CrossFest – Thompson, CT ( Jamey and Laurel ) 
West Sacramento Grand Prix – Sacramento, CA ( Lance )
Charm City Cross – Baltimore, MD
US Open of Cyclocross – Boulder, CO
Cincy CX Festival - Cincinnati, OH

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