14 Ago 2017

Crankworx Whistler: Days 1& 2 Recap

Crankworx, Whistler: Day 1

“It was a hot first few days up at Crankworx Whistler, but the rain came in heavy Saturday night just before the pros took off for the EWS (Enduro World Series) today (Sunday). FSA has 4 Pro riders competing: Conor Macfarlane (Intense), Keegan Wright (Specialized), Dan Wolfe (Transition), and Kent Billingsley (Transition). FSA is also in collaboration with Devinci Cycles as a Technical & Headset sponsor and we look forward to a growing relationship with them! Be sure to stop by the FSA booth this week for an autograph signing co-hosted with Devinci Cycles.” 

“In the under 21 field we have Josh Gibb and our two amateur riders, Zach McCracken and Louie Blaire. Both Zach and Louis claimed the 3rd place spot in the Challenge Enduro on Saturday, which rides most of the tracks the Pro’s race apart from one less major climb. What an absolutely huge day and huge win for our up an coming pros!”


Crankworx, Whistler: Day 2

“We had a great day of racing in Whistler with Josh Gibb taking 27th in the U21 field of Enduro World Series. Josh was also the fasted American rider on stage 4. The track was amazingly rough and it seemed to take a huge toll on all the riders. Kent Billingsley ended his first race in Whistler in the top half of the Pro Men’s field. Dan Wolfe had a 56th place result. All very well up against the best in the world.”

“The rain came overnight fairly heavy, but the tracks hardly saw any moisture as a result. For Kent to never have been to Whistler before and to land upper pack of a field of the world’s top pros is very impressive. Dan Wolfe said it was one of the roughest days he ever had on a bike and jokingly added, ‘You could hide a small family in some of those bomb holes!’ Dan was happy to be on the Afterburner 29er wheels because they, without a doubt, helped ‘smoothen’ out the day. None of our riders have had any issues with our WideR Wheels and they are all very impressed.”

“Keegan Wright suffered from an ‘unrepairable flat’ in Stage 1 Top of the World and could not finish the race. Though, Keegan was able to do some live feed interviews with the announcers and spend some good air time in the limelight as a result. Not too bad!”

“Most of the riders are gearing up for additional events this week and trying to catch some much-needed rest when they can. On a positive note, temperatures have cooled off the in last day, although we expect it to increase once again. Air quality was tough on the first two days due to forest fires in BC, Canada, but after the rain passed through, the crew was able to catch some of the meteor shower Sunday night. Great way to end the weekend and we are looking forward to the remainder of the week of racing!”

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