14 May 2021


It's time to celebrate another triumphal day for Metron tubeless-ready wheels with our partners! Gino Mader won from the breakaway the 6th climbing stage of Giro d’Italia in Ascoli, using Metron 55 SL Disc tubeless-ready wheels. This could be considered one of the first successes of a tubeless-ready wheel in a stage with an uphill finish of a GT. In fact, normally this kind of wheels, thanks to their greater smoothness, are chosen purely for flat terrains or in the Classics of pavé. 

Normally on uphill the Vision sponsored teams opt for the more “reactive” Metron 40 SL Disc. All this was possible thanks to research and development work carried out by Vision side by side with Merida, reaching the limit weight to guarantee the riders of the Team Bahrain-Victorious the maximum performance. The Metron 5D carbon handlebar chosen by Mader also plays an important role in this refinement process, combining lightness and aerodynamics in a single product.
Gino was able to stay clear in the break coming onto the final climb of the stage with only two other riders with him after great help from teammate Matej Mohorič, using Metron tubeless-ready wheels as well. They spontaneously opted for Metron tubeless-ready wheels, without imposition by the team, ultimately proving to be the winning choice.





Riding with tubeless-ready wheels is a trend that originated from mountain biking. In addition to better rolling resistance, one of the main advantages of running tubeless tires and wheels is that you can continue riding even if you get small punctures in your tire.

Tubeless-ready construction allows a special tubeless tire to be mounted to your wheel without an inner tube. Liquid latex sealant is then added inside the tire to seal air leaks in the event of a puncture, which allows you to continue riding without the hassle of changing a tube.
The tubeless-ready wheel has a different profile than clincher rims. First, in an aluminium rim, it is a welded as opposed to pinned. In a carbon rim, the continuous carbon fiber construction lends itself to creating a smooth tire bed. Finally, just to the side of the sealed internal channel run two lips or ridges which have the purpose of maintaining the position of the tire on the rim to ensure that the seal remains even under low tire pressure. 
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  • Gino Mader triumphs at Giro d'Italia with tubeless-ready wheels.
  • Gino Mader at the finish line in Ascoli.
  • Mohorin and Mader planned the breakaway with tubeless-ready wheels.