15 Sep 2023



Designed Exploring New Horizons: The Adventure Begins Here

When it comes to tackling new adventures, gravel and bike-packing require gear that can quench the thirst of true explorers. FSA has decided to offer them all their know-how to design the new PRO WING AGX handlebar.

Crafted based on input from real bike-packers to meet their specific needs.

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A Pronounced Flare for Controlled Riding

The first thing that catches the eye of the PRO WING AGX handlebar is the pronounced shape of the so-called "Flare," which is the direction of the curve on the lower part of the handlebar.

This innovative design brings several advantages to Gravel riding: the outward curve of the handlebar's ends provides greater stability when descending, allowing you to confidently tackle rough roads and rugged trails. Control significantly improves, enabling riders to push the limits with maximum safety. Lastly, it offers greater comfort while maintaining the best ergonomics for hand and arm (and elbow) placement on the handlebar.


Integrated Extensions for Maximum Comfort

One of the distinctive features of this FSA handlebar is the presence of integrated arch extensions. These extensions offer an additional hand support point during long rides. This not only reduces fatigue in the hands and wrists but also enhances comfort during extended transfers. So, if you plan to tackle kilometers of rough roads or rugged trails, the PRO WING AGX will be your best ally.


Front Bags: No Problem

Another feature that demonstrates FSA's attention to adventure is compatibility with front bags. Bike-packing enthusiasts know how important it is to have enough space to carry essential equipment.

The PRO WING AGX offers a dedicated mounting area for front bag installation, allowing you to take everything you need for your adventures with you.

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FSA Know-How: Quality Assurance

The FSA PRO WING AGX handlebar is the result of years of experience and dedication in the cycling industry. FSA, an acronym for Full Speed Ahead, is known for its continuous innovation and commitment to providing high-quality products for cyclists around the world.

With the PRO WING AGX, they once again demonstrate their cutting-edge approach to meeting the needs of adventurous cyclists.