31 Oct 2023



New Features and Improvements!


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We are delighted to announce that an exciting update for the FSA e-SYSTEM motor control app is now available, designed to make your cycling adventures even more incredible and convenient. The main goal of the FSA e-SYSTEM App has always been to be efficient, and user-friendly and with this new version we are bringing additional features to better meet user needs.

What's New in the Update:

1. Enhanced Homepage:

Our new home screen features a more intuitive and detailed overview of your system. Now, you can see your connection status on the left and the total battery level (combining the range extender and in-tube battery) on the right. The two batteries are clearly and graphically represented. Quick access to the main dashboard is just a click away.

2. Dashboard:

By clicking "Start Dashboard" on the Homepage, you will have access to a completely customizable Dashboard:You will be able to choose different parameter between several ones available,including estimated range in km (based on actual consumption) instantaneous and average consumption, user/motor power ratio, altitude (from Google services) and several other ones.

Explore the App to find out all the parameters you can choose and all the different graphic interface they will assume depending on where you will place them on the screen. Double tap the screen to end your session, or modify the parameters configuration, and if you’re not sure if you’ll like it, just check the preview but no worries you will be able to change it as manytime as you like.

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Don’t forget about:


3. Diagnostics Management:

With the previous version of the app, you could already perform a comprehensive system check and generate a detailed report, making it easy to assess the health and performance of your system, all within the app.


4. Firmware Management:

The feature of checking and updating the firmware for each component of the system, ensuring that the motor operates at its highest performance level, has been available in the previous version of the app and remains unchanged.

You can download the final version of our app, with all the newfeatures to take the full control of our e-System!


To download the FSA E-SYSTEM APP for IOS, click here.

To download the FSA E-SYSTEM APP for Android, click here.


  • Discover the new FSA app
  • New Menù
  • New Dashboard