19 Mai 2016


Round One of the Pro GRT National series was at the picturesque Dry Hill in Port Angeles, Wa. The TR500’s where running the best they had been all year and all the boys were feeling good. Josh and Dylan laid down some scorching timed runs during practice.  All the boys were on fresh new rubber, freshly tuned shocks, and fitted with a full Gravity cockpit. Only a few adjustments needed to be made and everyone was stoked about the setup going into round 1 of the Pro GRT series. Compliments were coming from everywhere about the look of the bikes, kit and the team in general and it is safe to say that the team had a great presence.

  • gravity transition prep2bis
  • gravity transition bailey
  • gravity transition dylan

With the first practice on tap on Friday and a very uncharacteristic 82 degree weather in Port Angeles made for some very dry and ultra fast conditions. The Boys were stoked after practice everything was running real well. Saturday was cloudy and over cast with 62 degree weather with a chance of rain right when qualifying was going to begin. Again practice went real well but the rain came about 30 minutes before qualifying started. This made for a very slick track in qualifying and both Dylan and Josh has some issues along with host of others in Jr Ex and Pro men: Josh slotted in at 20th and Dylan 30th out of 53.

This was Bailey’s first race back and second ride back from his broken collar bone and was riding like it never even happened. Bailey felt great in practice on Friday and Saturday and then rushed off to prom Saturday night and made an early trip back Sunday morning. Bailey ended up 26/52 in a stacked field and is looking forward to getting more time on the DH bike and getting back to full speed after his injury going into Pro GRT round 2.

Conditions improved dramatically over night with the rain stopping late Friday afternoon. On Saturday the dirt back to PA hero dirt, much tackier and way more grip. Dylan squeezed in 2 practice runs Sunday morning and adapted very well to the different conditions. Josh got caught behind slow riders and didn’t get a second run because of the tight practice schedule. Dylan came out with a great run in 21/53 only 6 seconds off the podium and Josh landed in 18/53 only 4 seconds off the podium. Both boys know what it takes to reach that top step and will use this to grow and are going to let it rip in New Jersey.

All in all, the weekend was a great building block for the team’s first Pro GRT of the season. Next up is the Pro GRT at Mountain Creek in New Jersey. People love the pit, bikes, kit and the whole deal and the team has had many people say that we look the most professional out of any team at the track. School is winding down and the boys can now focus solely on racing and are ready to tackle round 2.

Mike Lawless, Gravity Brand manager: “We here at FSA/Gravity are really stoked to be working with the GHY Bikes/Transition/DVO team. I’ve had the pleasure of watching these guys develop into the riders they are today over the last few seasons of racing. It only took a few laps during a training session with the team for me to realize they had a chemistry together that revolved around having fun. It’s great to see such awesome support for young riders like these guys have. It’s clear they all love riding bikes as much as anyone I have ever met, and deserve to be treated like the next up and coming Pros that they are.”