7 Mai 2019

Andrew Taylor 48 State Road Trip - Florida

From South Carolina, Andrew made his way down into Florida for some warmer weather during the Holiday season. His first stop was out at Jonathan Dickinson where he met up with Tyler Hawes to ride the new jump line called Bunker Hill. From there Tyler and him spent some time on the water with Tyler family before making his way through the Keys and Everglades for Christmas and New Years. On his way back North, he hit up the the pump track in Miami and then up and over to ride with some of the locals out at Markham Park. From there, he met up with Ryan McGary, Titus Nicholson and Chris Rizzon for a solid day out at Alifia and then ended his time in Florida at the Santos trails. Although Florida doesn't have a ton of elevation it still blew his expectations out of the water and is definitely a spot to put on your mountain biking hit list!

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