Oversized bottom bracket open standard

BB30 is LIGHTER: By eliminating the BB cups and using an aluminum spindle, the weight of the crank and BB assembly can be reduced by up to 12%.
BB30 is NARROWER: With the bearings inside the BB shell, the crankset can be made narrower in this critical area,  increasing ankle clearance.
BB30 is STIFFER: Confirmed by new EFBe testing, the BB30 design increases the stiffness of the crankset.
BB30 is MORE DURABLE: BB30 bearings are significantly larger than those used in other systems, resulting in longer bearing life. Increasing the inner diameter of the bottom bracket shell by 23% (from ~35mm to ~42mm) enables the use of aluminum alloy as spindle material, saving up to 110g. New bearing size shows a better ratio between race and balls diameter, improving smoothness and bearing life.
Ergonomically, BB30 cranks offer lower U-factor, permitting improved crank curvature for more ankle clearance and a better ride.