4/22/2013 12:00:00 AM - TEAM NEWS!

Win for Ian Wilkinson of UK Youth in CiCLE Classic

In the first British classic of the season, UK Youth's Ian Wilkinson became the first person to win the race twice after an exciting event in the East Midlands

The race was a great success for the team with two riders making the winning move with Wilkinson winning and Yanto Barker 4th.

This unique race on the British calendar began at 11am in Oakham in front of a huge crowd who watched UK Youth sign on with a team that boasted former winner Ian Wilkinson along with Marcin Bialoblocki, Rob Partridge, Niklas Gustavsson and Chris Opie.

As they settled down on their Cervelo bikes among the biggest field in a race this year in Britain, the sun shone down and temperatures were the warmest they have been for a race since last season.

With local VIP's on hand to flag the riders away, they soon headed out for two loops of Rutland Water. After a few attacks to get clear failed, Yanto Barker from UK Youth was first to make it into a successful move with two riders from New Zealand; Tom Scully (Raleigh) and Mike Northey (Node 4).

Whilst they toiled away in the wind out front, there was move after move behind and it took another hour before eight riders got clear and in there was Ian Wilkinson for UK Youth.

After a short chase, the eight caught the three and for hour after hour they led the race and it soon became clear the winner was going to come from this group. As the finish line approached, both Barker and Wilkinson did their best to go clear. With ten kilometres left, Ian Wilkinson got a gap and whilst it wasn't a lot, he was resisting being caught until with three kilometres left, Ian Bibby made the catch along with Wilkinson's teammate Barker.

There wasn't much time left for Wilkinson to get his breath back and as they came into the town of Melton Mowbray, former winner Wilkinson knew what he had to do. He dived for the final corner, got into it first and then gave it everything all the way to the finish line before celebrating what was a great victory for the him and the team.

Afterwards, Wilkinson explained "As a team, we have the biggest amount of supporters with all those kids in the Youth clubs and I think they are all following us so I'm pleased to win for them and for Nigel who has put in an amazing investment into this team."

Talking about the final few kilometres, Ian explained "Coming into Burton Lazars, there's a little kicker and I saw Ian Bibby coming across and Yanto with him which was amazing and that was real good for the morale. I was like blacking out a bit but managed to get back on the wheel and Bibby attacked again. Yanto was with him so I thought that's alright and I saw Eric Berthou and Will Bjergfelt coming across and to be fair, I got a nice ride on their wheels."

"I knew Bibby was a fast boy and when we were on them, I knew I had to get into the last corner first and then sprinted for line full gas. Too win that race twice in nine years, I'm looking forward to a Duvel (beer & race sponsor) tonight!”

"I felt back to my old self there! We knew we couldn't afford to wait for the sprint so I had a go and then when I was caught, I managed to pull one out in that sprint. I can't believe I did that as I was pedalling triangles out there at the end. I just love this bike race though. I had two horrific punctures though but everyone in the group did to be honest. After my second one, that was a bit of struggle but that opened up me up a little bit."

“It was an awesome race, I am stoked to win it again!”

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