Full-Dynamix is synonymous with mountain bike. It was born and has evolved from our thirty years of experience in building bikes.
MTB POWERHOUSE is the expression that sums up our mission off-road: technical advancement through materials science and engineering without losing sight of the place where it all began. Human passion and the quest for victory.
The "genetic heritage" of each Full-Dynamix involves craftsmanship and technology. Made in Italy tradition has its foundation in three fundamental values: research and planning, road tests and systematic controls, and enhancement of the human component in the realization of all of our products.
Our production department in Marostica FDX works with dedication and commitment in order to give riders the best product; competing not only with other producers but in the toughest, most important competitions around the world.

The President
Giovanni Battaglin

The concept of FULL-DYNAMIX mountain bikes was born in the heart and mind of Giovanni Battaglin. His entrepreneurial business mind and imagination convinced him to create the Full-Dynamix brand name. In the 1990s the new sport was gaining popularity and he saw the needs of bikers as another challenge, a place to focus his innovative mind and support athletes in their quest for victory.
In the nineties FULL-DYNAMIX gradually established itself as a prestigious brand name. In the years that followed Battaglin developed a range of off-road bikes designed to amaze while providing technical advances in the market. Our bikes are designed to maximize the mechanical advantage for all level of riders.
Reliable, robust, fast, graphically bold yet refined: FULL-DYNAMIX is the result of an ongoing process of material research and processing techniques.The team's achievements over their racing career attests to the quality and superiority of Full-DYNAMIX off road bikes.
Full-Dynamix mountain bikes give all levels of riders the same performance as the bikes used by professional teams. Even if you're not competing you'll have the mechanical edge that has proven victorious for years with top rankings in the most important off-road competitions.
Another important element in the success of the brand is linked to the fact that our bikes are conceived, designed and produced entirely in Italy at our facility in Marostica, utilizing our best resources.

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