Redline was born when two guys with a common interest in welding and motorcycles began making frames and swingarms. With a 6-person staff, they named the company Redline and began producing lightweight, high quality motorcycle frames for flattrack, TT, speedway or motocross.


 Cross Team:


Dan Norton


Master Racer


    * Age: 63

    * Hometown: Seattle, WA

    * Riding Spot: South SeaTac


Dan the man—“alias Chuck Norris-‘er Norton.” Alright he’s a decorated Vietnam veteran (Marines of course!). You want tough, not many can be "Dan Norton tough!"

Dan is an original Seattle Cyclo-cross founder and is the most tireless worker setting up courses almost every Sunday in the fall.

Do not be fooled at 60+ Dan can still put the hurt on many a “young buck.”  Dan has a deep love of the sport of ‘cross and is a multiple 13+ and counting National champion and current World Cyclo-cross Champion.

Dan is a retired captain from the Seattle fire department, and works ski patrol in Ogden Utah in winter, and leads rides in Europe in the summer. Dan's wife Jackie is quite an accomplished rider too, on the track & road.

Everyday counts in Dan’s world, and yes, “on time” means early to Dan, so don’t be late!


Kari Studley


Elite Women Racer


    * Age: 32

    * Hometown: Seattle, WA

    * Riding Spot: St. Edwards




Strong and tough are two words that come to mind when you watch Kari power up a hill on a single speed (I ran that hill on a geared bike).

Kari is incredibly focused out on the cross course, her eyes say it all. Off the bike Kari has a smile and sense of humor that lights up any room.
Kari is a physical therapist by day working with longtime ‘cross supporter Eric Moen in his practice.  Kari has been a great addition to our Redline team and rides both geared and single speed events. Kari has been our test rider out on the new Conquest SS Pro—which she rode to victory as the current US National Champion this fall/winter. Kari was the women’s world single speed champion in 2010.


Logan Owen         


17-18 junior elite male


    * Age: 17

    * Hometown: Bremerton, WA

    * Riding Spot: Fairview middle school CX course


Logan is a great technical rider who has made even bigger improvements, in both road and ‘Cross over last year. Logan is a very accomplished road rider having won two Kermes’s in Belgium last summer along with the West Vlaanderen cycling tour. Logan mixes it up with all of the local Elites in the Seattle area. We’ve never seen a 17 year old ride the way Logan can ride!  Logan is a seven time national champion in Cyclo-cross and is the current USGP junior ‘cross champion.

Logan has been racing a Redline bike ever since he was 5 years old, and was out on a Redline titanium mini frame. So, 10 years of Redline love from the the Owen family, from BMX racing to the crazy world of 'Cross. If it's got two wheels Logan can race it.

Great family support and an incredible work ethic will make this a name to remember for years to come.



Justin Lindine     




    * Age: 28

    * Hometown: New Salem, MA 


Justin came on board with Redline last ‘Cross season when we co-Sponsored him with Joe’s Garage—a top New England shop in Massachusetts.   Justin is focusing on endurance MTB events as he just finished the Absa Cape Epic on the top American team. Justin is the top New England ‘Cross man too and won three UCI races in this hotbed area for US ‘Cross last fall.


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