Véranda Rideau-U  is a professional french cycling team. Born in 2012 by the meeting of two amateur team Pavilly Barentin and Véranda Rideau Sarthe. Véranda Rideau Sarthe was created by Johnny Neveu, the actual team’s manager.
There are 12 riders from 20 to 36 years old. The average age is 27.
There are also 9 technical personnal : 1 manager, 2 athletic directors, 1 trainer, 2 mechanics, 2 assistants, 1 administrative and communication officer.
In Continental stage, third division of professional cyclism, Véranda Rideau U is competiting with the best riders, those who competiting the Tour de France and all big races in the world. This is the objective of the team for the next years. At the moment, the riders discover the professional competition and they don’t demerit.
On the Sarthe Pays de la Loire Circuit, Benoit Jarrier and Romain Mathéou were escaped on two step and lost the victory for little. Before, at the beginning of the season, Franck Vermeulen arrived second on Bessèges race. Guillaume Malle was second on the Tour de Normandie. Maxime Le Montagner won La Route Bretonne and Mickaël Olejnik won Gilbert Bousquet. Benoit Jarrier finished second last week-end on the famous race Tro Bro leon.
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