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SL-K Light Triple (2014 GRAPHIC)

SL-K Light Triple (2014 GRAPHIC)


Looking for the widest possible range of gears but with low weight and cutting-edge construction? The SL-K Light Triple marries the hollow carbon fiber crank arms of the SL-K Light with three hard-wearing anodised aluminium chainrings. Inner and middle rings are 30 and 39T respectively, with 50 or 52T options for the outer ring. To fit the widest range of bikes, the Triple is available with either a 30mm BB30 spindle or a 24mm MegaExo spindle for traditional threaded bottom brackets. Both versions share the sleek looks and bold graphics of the rest of the SL-K Light range.

  • BB30
    BB30 press fit bottom bracket system
  • BCD 130mm Triple
    130/74mm Bolt Circle Diameter
  • Hollow Molded Carbon
    Hollow I-beam carbon crank technology
  • Megaexo
    External bottom bracket bearing and crank system
  • Press-fit 30
    BB30 press fit bottom bracket system


  • Hollow Carbon arms with UD carbon finish
  • Available for Campagnolo 10 speed drive trains
  • Color graphic options - red


  • Sizes: Length - L170mm, L172.5mm, L175mm
  • BCD - 130/74mm
  • 52/39/30T - 50/39/30T
  • Crank Weight: 668g