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Energy Triple

Energy Triple


Combining advanced aluminium construction with a wide-range 52/39/30 triple chainring combination, the Energy Triple is a great choice for touring or anyone looking for a light, durable triple crankset. Cutting-edge manufacturing techniques allow us to cold-forge hollow aluminium arms, cutting weight without any sacrifice in stiffness. The spindle is aluminium too, forged from ultra-strong 7075. It’s available with spindles for either BB30 or MegaExo bottom brackets. The result is a high-performance crankset at a low weight. A mix of polished and sandblasted black anodising, complemented by distinctive colour graphics, gives the Energy a racey look. Available only in USA, Canada, South America, Australia, New Zealand.

  • BB30
    BB30 press fit bottom bracket system
  • BCD 130mm Triple
    130/74mm Bolt Circle Diameter
  • Hollow Forging Aluminum
    Hollow forged crank arm techology
  • Megaexo
    External bottom bracket bearing and crank system
  • Press-fit 30
    BB30 press fit bottom bracket system


  • Hollow forged alloy arms
  • Available for 10 speed drive trains


  • Sizes: Length - 165mm, 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm
  • BCD -130/74mm
  • 52/39/30T
  • Crank Weight: 801g