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Peter Sagan gets his own back on Michal Kwiatkowski

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Carolynn Romain (1)

Seven Ways To Beat That MTB Climb

Posted on 20th Oct 2015

What comes down must go up, right? Mastering climbing on your mountain bike improves your ride, enjoyment and competitiveness. Here are our top tips… Stay in the saddle Standing seriously reduces weight on the rear...

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Brake lever type and position can make a subtle but important element to your descending position and ability. Brake performance is important too – check out these Afterburner brakes

7 top tips for mastering off-road descents

Posted on 13th Oct 2015

Tweak your setup There’s much you can do to get the best from your bike on descents. Dropping the saddle lets you get your weight down and back, while lowering tyre pressure increases grip and...

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Combining a traditional wide-stanced setup with unique alloy arms, the SL-K Cyclocross brake is both effective and distinctive.

The buyer’s guide to Cyclocross Brakes

Posted on 5th Oct 2015

Cantilever brakes have been popular in cyclocross for many years. They give huge amounts of room for mud to drop through, rather than acting as a shelf for mounds of heavy dirt. Just compare these...

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Ben Berden: Any Dusty Sunday

Posted on 28th Sep 2015

Video courtesy of Stoemper Big Ben tackles the infernal dust of GP Gloucester. Ben Berden is riding an FSA SLK ABS Crankset as well as an SLK Cockpit [Handlebars, Stem and Seatpost]. Ben also rides our Vision...

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The SL-K light comes in 165mm, 170mm, 172.5mm and 175mm for perfect fitting

Crank length – does it matter? 

Posted on 25th Sep 2015

While everybody notices crank quality, far fewer riders look at crank length beyond their initial bike purchase. Delve into the subject and there’s an absolute mass of recommendations for the ‘correct’ length. Some of it...

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The innovative 20-degree drop SL-K stem restoring weight distribution and handling balance to big-wheel, long fork-travel MTBs.

How to get the perfect mountain bike fit

Posted on 18th Sep 2015

Mountain bikes are harder to set up than road bikes, because they face so many competing demands. Here are the secrets of great bike fit. First, your riding style matters. If your focus is climbing...

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