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Peter Sagan gets his own back on Michal Kwiatkowski

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Fan-based air resistance turbo trainers make some noise but are a popular and cost-effective training aid

Train Smarter – With a Turbo Trainer

Posted on 15th Mar 2016

There are three major designs of turbo trainer, and there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that every single one of them has the capacity to inflict severe pain and boredom. The...

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However many forks you rock, get your frame size right and the rest will follow!

How to choose the right MTB frame size

Posted on 8th Mar 2016

Choosing the right mountain bike frame size is important for performance, comfort and safety, but can be tricky, not least because there’s no single way of measuring them. Some companies use inches, some use centimetres,...

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Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 15.35.55

Mudguards: Why Use Them? And How to choose them

Posted on 1st Mar 2016

Mudguards might not be the sexiest accessory, but the truth is they bring huge advantages for very little weight or cost. They can actually boost your performance, simply by keeping you drier, warmer and more...

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Riders come in all shapes and sizes – whatever your size, getting the right frame is the important first step, as the Lampre-Merida team know

How To Choose The Right Road Frame Size

Posted on 23rd Feb 2016

Bike fit is absolutely vital. Get it right and you’ll barely notice the machine beneath you; get it wrong and you risk discomfort, fatigue, recurrent injuries and poor handling. Frame size is, of course, right...

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Equip yourself with the best essential workshop tools for fuss-free riding and racing

The Top Five Tools For Your Workshop

Posted on 16th Feb 2016

Keeping your bike in best condition is so important for performance, reliability, safety and longevity, and with it your confidence in your bicycle to always work just as you expect it to. Regular cleaning and...

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Dallas DNA2

Visit Dallas DNA Team Camp

Posted on 8th Feb 2016

With the racing season getting back to full swing, we got a little glimpse into the Visit Dallas DNA Women’s racing team training camp. They will be riding FSA K-Force cockpit (Bars, Stem, Seatpost), FSA K-Force cranksets,...

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