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Peter Sagan gets his own back on Michal Kwiatkowski

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taylorshelden iceman bike

Iceman Race w/ Taylor Shelden

Posted on 24th Nov 2015

The Iceman Race in Michigan recently took place last weekend and we got a first person account of the race through pro rider Taylor Shelden. This is what he had to say about the race: “Last...

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Keep your brakes well set up and maintained for happy trails every ride

How To Set Up Disc Brakes

Posted on 10th Nov 2015

Disc brakes may weigh more than rim brakes, but they’re still faster – the irony of a good brake is that you don’t use it as often. But to access that extra performance, it’s vital...

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Project Nepal Steilacoom 12.07.14-0294

Axle Standards Demystified

Posted on 4th Nov 2015

It’s confusing when new measurements are instantly labelled a ‘standard’ – especially when there are so many variations that nothing is actually standard. But then, progress requires change, and there’s been plenty of progress around...

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How to ride singletrack faster than ever

Posted on 27th Oct 2015

Everybody loves a bit of singletrack – the narrow, snaking trails where rides get fast and fun. But you need more than just a strong set of legs and lungs to be fast. In fact,...

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Carolynn Romain (1)

Seven Ways To Beat That MTB Climb

Posted on 20th Oct 2015

What comes down must go up, right? Mastering climbing on your mountain bike improves your ride, enjoyment and competitiveness. Here are our top tips… Stay in the saddle Standing seriously reduces weight on the rear...

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