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Congratulations to El Pistolero!

Tour of California: Jelly Belly Cycling Team

We take a look at the FSA teams taking part in the Tour of California, including the Jelly belly Team

Winning Etixx Quick-Step at Amstel Gold Race

Michał Kwiatkowski (Etixx-QuickStep) claimed his first road race win as World champion with a perfectly executed sprint at the end of Amstel Gold Race.


Peter Sagan gets his own back on Michal Kwiatkowski

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Buyer’s guide: carbon bars

Posted on 22nd Apr 2015 in News,

With just a couple of exceptions, nearly every component on a bike is made from carbon fiber. Just look at the bikes that the pros use; aside from the chain, cassette and chainrings, all of…

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If you suspect a part to be fake, take advice from a trusted mechanic (although you don't need to hire Astana's technicians!)

Top 5 spring bike maintenance tips

Posted on 15th Apr 2015 in News,

Spring Cleans Just as you do with you house, give your bike a thorough spring clean. The only difference is that you should do this either side of spring. That means a thorough clean after…

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How to change a bike stem

Posted on 23rd Mar 2015 in News,

Changing your stem isn’t a regular maintenance job and you’ll only need to change it, if you’re upgrading to a lighter or stiffer model or if you’re altering your position slightly. It’s a job you…

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How to remove a bottom bracket

Posted on 20th Mar 2015 in News,

Your bottom bracket is one of the components that gets the most abuse. It’s right in the line of any grit, rainwater or spray that you might encounter when you’re out on your bike, so…

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Etixx Quickstep

Why should you choose a carbon fiber crankset?

Posted on 6th Mar 2015 in News,

Carbon cranks have been used by the top professionals for several years. As with nearly every other component on modern road bikes, the lightest, stiffest, most tunable versions of that component are now made from…

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Introducing the Visit Dallas Cycling Team

Posted on 4th Mar 2015 in Road News,

Full Speed Ahead and Vision are proud to announce the sponsorship of a newly developed woman’s cycling team this year: Visit Dallas presented by Noise4Good. The team was originally formed in 2004 under the Foundation…

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