7/3/2014 - NEWS!

Cascadia Dirt Cup Round 1

Battle Ground, WA

Saturday June 28th marked the start of the Cascadia Dirt Cup Enduro Races in Washington State. The event brought out 170 riders to compete from Amateur to Pro, and even a Hard Tail Open class was offered.

The participants showed up early for the rider meeting before getting on the first round of shuttles to the top to start the day.

Full Speed Ahead’s Neutral Support Team was available to assist any rider having mechanical issues on the course. Due to series regulation, no rider was aloud to receive outside help from a non-racing spectator. Patrik Zuest, Jeff Donaldson, Joel Richardson, and Gravity Team rider Scott Kemp all had loaded their Enduro packs with extra tubes, tools, and nourishment for those riders who might have needed a helping hand during the course of the day.

FSA provides Neutral Support free of charge for any racer no matter sponsor affiliation. An FSA Neutral Support racer can be easily identified by the bright Red FSA NS jerseys, jackets and backpacks on the course. FSA NS will be present at each Cascadia Dirt Cup Enduro, as well as each NW Epic XC race this season. Big thanks to the FSA NS team!

The race day carried on in typical Northwest fashion with numerous light rains throughout the day, even a few moments of bright sunshine! Riders early in the day were washing their bikes off in the creek below the pit space.

The scenery in Battleground was gorgeous however most riders had little time in between climbs and descents to enjoy the views of the landscape.

There were 4 sections of the race to be completed by scanning a chip attached to the riders person at each given start/stop section of each segment.

There were many flat tires due to the numerous sharp rock corners littered throughout the course.

Gravity and FSA’s Scott Kemp took down the 5th place Pro Podium spot, behind Nick Tuttle in 4th, Darrin Seeds in 3rd, Matt Slaven in 2nd, and Alex McGuinnis in 1st.
FSA NS’s Jeff Donaldson took down the #2 spot for the Hard Tail Open Class despite having to service numerous rider mechanicals he encountered on the course.

The event was a huge success bringing many riders from all over the Northwest in attendance. We look forward to seeing you in Port Angeles WA for Round 2 of the Cascadia Dirt Cup Washington Enduro Series.

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