12/5/2013 - NEWS!

Vincenzo Nibali stops by at FSA to deliver his Christmas gift

The Shark donates his winning Giro d'Italia bike to our FSA "Hall of Fame"

Last Monday we were delighted by the visit of Vincenzo Nibali and part of his team, who stopped by our office to hand us his victorious Giro D’Italia bike.

Of course during the visit we were able to show him all our latest products, and we took the opportunity to unveil all the new parts that he’s going to use through the upcoming season.

Vincenzo, along with team mate Alessandro Vanotti, team manager Giuseppe Martinelli and head mechanic Gabriele Tosello enjoyed the visit sharing delicious panettone and prosecco with all the FSA employees.

The champ got an interview and signed some autographs for the young fans and gave same early Christmas greetings to everyone there.

Merry Xmas Vincenzo! 

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PAG. 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 >>