8/5/2013 - NEWS!

Yackle Brothers Update

On June 15 our family made a big decision and moved to Reno, NV to get closer to a big Racing region-NCNCA! A big change for us is, that there are also local races (Road, MTN and Cyclocross), right in the City. Being less that 2 hrs from the California Racing Circuit was our major goal, plus we are right next to a trail system so we can get training rides right from our house. There are more quality road rides straight from our house so we get longer, better training rides. All these things, will keep us as top American Elite Junior Racers!

We wanted to touch bases with you and tell you how our team has been doing this year. So far this season we have been in 26 races (and we'll be close to doubling that by year's end) we've had 27 podium finishes, 14 1st's, 9 2nd's, 3 3rd's, 3 4th's and 4 5th's. Pretty awesome considering the high caliber of Category and Class I have competed in! Although, we had a huge chunk of our Spring consumed by our move, we were still able to get to some really big Events-the Valley of the Sun Stage Race, the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic, the Whiskey Off-Road, the Sea Otter Classic, the Subaru Pro XCT Cup and the NCNCA Junior Road Race Championship. In spite, of it being our off age years, we also had great results at XC National Championships where Nye placed 3rd in the 11-12 age group, Jake placed 4th in the XC, placed 5th in the STXC (13-14 age group) and 7th in his first ever Super D, in the 10-15 age group! In NCNCA Nye was 4th and Jake was 5th in their respective age classes. It was only Jake's 3rd and Nye's 2nd ever USAC sanctioned Road Race of the racing careers. There was some pretty big competition there, and if it wasn't for a racing incident in the sprint finish of Jake's race, he would have likely had either a 1st or 2nd, but that's racing.

We still have a long race season ahead of us! Finishing out our season, we still have plenty of Road and MTB race events to do. After that we start our run into Cyclocross Race Events. From here forward we will be taking our Race Program to another level, year round racing-that's another reason we chose Reno as our Home Base! The future looks bright, and already being accomplished Elite Junior XC Racers for the past couple of years, our next Team goal is to be Elite Junior Road Racers and Cyclocrossers, too!

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