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Velonews rated K-force Light SB.25 seatpost the best in vibration dampening and comfortable ride.

14 seatposts against each other in the lab to find which are the stiffest, the lightest, and the most comfortable.

Quoted from the website Velonews:

The winners in the vibration damping test, and the only ones under 0.6 G of acceleration, were the FSA K-Force Light SB25 carbon seatpost and the Specialized S-Works FACT Carbon post. It is unclear why the FSA was so effective at damping vibration, but perhaps the blocky carbon structure at the clamp is able to effectively soak up vibrations. The Specialized seatpost, originally made for the Roubaix road bike, is specifically designed to damp vibration. The active ingredient is an elastomer bumper pressed into the top of the post; based on this test, it does its job well.

Coming in a close third, at 0.616 G, was the Cane Creek Thudbuster/ST. We included this mountain-bike suspension post to see how it stacked up against more traditional designs. While it does perform well in the vibration test, one could get superior performance (especially over the kind of small bumps encountered regularly on the road) with a considerable weight savings by using the FSA or the Specialized post.

The poorest performer in this test, with more than twice the amount of Gs as the top three performers, was the Ritchey WCS carbon straight post. Second to last, and the only other post measuring over a full G of acceleration on these small, rapid impacts was the Thomson Masterpiece straight post.



In general, when choosing between a straight or setback post (if your frame seat angle doesn’t already dictate which one you must use to achieve your desired position), a setback post will give you greater pedaling efficiency and more high-frequency vibration damping, while a straight post will give you more flex on big bumps, lower weight, and a more jarring ride on high-frequency small bumps.

All in all, if you don’t want to get pummeled on high-frequency vibrations as much, avoid zero-setback seatposts and gravitate either toward FSA’s K-Force Light SB25 carbon setback post or toward one with some suspension features built into it.


For a long road ride, the FSA K-Force Light SB25 post is our pick, thanks to its excellent vibration damping — it is noticeably more comfortable than an oversized aluminum post, especially on long rides, dirt roads, or concrete or asphalt with lots of small cracks and expansion joints.

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