11/10/2012 - NEWS!


FSA - FULL SPEED AHEAD is pleased to announce the hiring of Lance Bohlen as the new Managing Director of FSA Inc., USA.

Having a life-long passion for bicycle racing which began at an early age, Lance was fortunate to witness first - hand the birth of the Mountain Bike from his vantage point of supplying many early adopters of the sport while living, studying and working in Vancouver, BC.
Through his bike industry career Lance has held jobs covering virtually every aspect of bicycle production from shop mechanic, frame builder, service manager, product manager, product development manager to general manager. He has supplied both road and mtb racers at the highest level, and remains a die-hard fan of all types of bicycle competition. Born in New York, Lance has lived and worked in the USA, Canada, France and Taiwan. He is very familiar with the special requirements of marketing and selling a global brand in today's ever-changing marketplace. We look forward to his contributions to the FSA team.

Lance Bohlen

We are also pleased to announce new staff in the European Office.

Maurizio Passarotto is a Structural Engineer who has gained wide experience in numerical simulation and finite element analysis (FEA). He has worked in the field of structural engineering (steel structures for civil applications) and for warehousing structures. Then for 7 years, he was responsible for all wheel-related R&D development at Campagnolo and Fulcrum. Thanks to his broad experience, he will work in the R&D department of FSA Europe, responsible for the development of all FSA and Vision wheels.
Edoardo Girardi was a pro rider of the Team Utensil Nord when in 2012 and he decided to leave professional cycling in order to work directly in the bike market.
In the past, he rode for some important teams like the Ceramiche Flaminia team and Amica Chips Knauf.
He graduated with a degree in Economics and Society Administration, and at the same time he decided to leave professional racing to continue working in the bike sector, joining the FSA Team. At FSA he will be in charge of After Market Sales.

All the FSA - FULL SPEED AHEAD staff are glad to welcome them onboard.




Maurizio Passarotto

Edoardo Girardi

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