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slk adventure crank

RKP Award for FSA SL-K Adventure Crank

Posted on 12th Jan 2017

Recently, the FSA SL-K Adventure crankset was bestowed the Red Kite Prayer Annual End of Year Award in the “Diamond Encrusted Pint Glass of Reasonableness” category. The article states “This one goes to the 3T’s Dave…

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tos 034


Posted on 26th Jan 2016

VeloMag recently tested and reviewed our FSA Plasma Integrated Compact Handlebar and it received great feedback. Velo released a review in their latest edition of their magazine and gave the bar 4/5 stars. This is…

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chain video screenshot

Full Speed Ahead Chains – What Links Us As Riders

Posted on 1st Oct 2015

Andrew Taylor is a professional slopestyle mountain bike rider from Santa Rosa, California. His bike has taken him all over the globe competing in contest to riding with friends in Europe. Even with his world…


FSA Headset Standards Demystified

Posted on 10th Jul 2015

Your headset is one of the most important, yet underrated components on your bike. Here’s how to you choose one to fit your frame and riding requirements.   First of all, what is a headset?…

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Plasma Integrated Handlebarsr

Buyer’s Guide: How to choose a handlebar

Posted on 21st Jan 2015

When it comes to personalising your bike, the contact points are one of the most important parts to consider. They all need to fit, be comfortable and suit your riding style. Handlebar shape and size…

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Orbit IS-CF-Ceramic

How To Care For Your Bike In The Winter

Posted on 24th Dec 2014

Winter is already here for many of us and the seasonal road salt and freezing conditions can bring your bike grinding to a halt. However, with a bit of planning and by committing to a…

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Plasma Integrated Handlebarsr

How To Cycle Faster Without Training 

Posted on 11th Dec 2014

If you want to improve your performance on the bike, nothing can beat a measured training plan. However, if you want a way to ride faster that doesn’t require more training, you’ll need to look…

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Bottom Bracket Standards Demystified

Posted on 3rd Dec 2014

The different bottom bracket standards can be confusing, so to help you make the right decision on what’s the most suitable option for you, we’ve put together this guide on the standards and names that…

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