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Established in 1975 and headquartered in Southern California, Oakley is one of the leading product design and sport performance brands in the world. The holder of more than 600 patents, Oakley is a culture of creators, inventors, idealists and scientists obsessed with using design and innovation to create products and experiences that inspire greatness. This philosophy has made Oakley one of the most iconic and inimitable brands on the market, with products that world-class athletes around the globe depend on to compete at the highest level possible. Oakley is known for its High Definition Optics®, which feature unparalleled optical clarity and precision along with impact resistance and UV protection, incorporated into all of the brand’s sun, prescription eyewear and premium goggles. Oakley extended its position as the world’s leading sports eyewear brand into apparel and accessories. Oakley has men’s and women’s product lines that appeal to Sports Performance, Active and Lifestyle consumers. Oakley is a subsidiary of Luxottica Group.



192x100 Wahoo B W logo

Wahoo Fitness is a tech-fitness company that has created an ecosystem of sensors and devices for runners, cyclists and fitness enthusiasts. At Wahoo, we are dedicated not only to capturing and measuring your workout data, but also to helping you understand what it means and achieving better results.




Established in the early 1990s and listed on the STAR segment managed by Borsa Italiana, Nice S.p.A. is international reference Group in the field of Home Automation offering a wide range of integrated systems for the automation of gates, garages, road barriers, parking systems, awnings and blinds for residential, commercial and industrial applications, wireless alarm systems and lighting systems with FontanaArte brand. The Nice Group has proceeded with strategic plans of geographical expansion and strengthening in markets with high growth potential; extension, completion and integration of the product lines in the different business units; branding actions to compete in new market segments. Nice products, which stand out for their distinctive combination of technological innovation and design, are exported to more than 100 countries, generating over 80% of Group consolidated revenues abroad.




The Sportful story began in 1946, when the Cremonese family opened a knitwear factory named Manifattura Valcismon. Over the years, production evolved toward the manufacture of high-quality underwear, initially for the Italian market and then for the United States as well. The real turning point came in 1972, when Dr. Giordano Cremonese, who had taken over the management of the business from his parents, wanted to participate in the newly established Marcialonga cross-country ski race but did not have appropriate clothing. He decided to use the family business to produce the necessary apparel and what had begun as a personal need grew into an unprecedented success. This was the beginning of the Sportful brand.
In 1985, seeing the great demand for technical cycling apparel and encouraged by the company’s remarkable success in cross-country skiing, Sportful embarked on a new adventure – Cycling.
It wasn’t long before they were involved at the highest level, equipping teams such as Alfa Lum, Ariostea and Mapei, the latter dominating the classics throughout the 90s. Some of their greatest achievements came when the Italian national team used Sportful apparel, with World Championship victories for Bettini, Cipollini and Ballan.
The success continued with their Saxo Bank & Tinkoff partnerships, victories in all three grand tours, and multiple classics wins from the likes of Cancellara, Contador & Sagan. Working with pro team athletes Sportful strives to make the best possible performance apparel for all conditions.




Lauretana mineral water has got a beautiful story.

The source was discovered more than half a century ago by Teresio Rossello while he was walking in the mountains. It was situated in a place named Caruzza , in Graglia municipality at 1050 metres above sea level. A pristine place , far from industrial and urban sites. “ Thirsty “ he refreshed himself at a source and the sensation he felt was a satisfying lightness.
Teresio Rossello took a sample of water to have it analyzed : “ This water is simply exceptional “ they answered. More thorough exams followed at the Institute of Chemistry of the University of Turin. The result confirmed what above mentioned.
The first plant was built at about 850 metres of altitude close to the source, from which the water was piped directly for spontaneous fall through stainless steel pipelines.
The activity of bottling started in 1965 and the water merchandised was named Lauretana.
With Antonio Pola , CEO, and the President of the Company Giovanni Vietti , “ the blue gold” from Biella was able to seduce the whole world : Europe, United States,Australia, China, Japan , Russia , where Lauretana – still, sparkling or mild – can be found in the best restaurants. A simple product, but of great value, , with an unaltered and unalterable taste , pure and uncontaminated as it springs from the source.



The Italian Cycling Federation, founded in Pavia in 1885, gathers all of the sport societies and associations regularly affiliated and the members who practice cycling in the national territory.

The F.C.I. ensures the development, promotion and organization of cycling in the national territory in all its forms and manifestations as well as in the training of athletes and coaches.

From a sporting point of view it’s one of the most successful federations in Italy, with incredible results in cycling championships and the Olympic Games. The activity of the national team covers all disciplines of cycling: road, truck, mtb (cross-country, downhill, trial, 4 cross, marathon, endure) and bmx.


UCI World Cycling Centre

The World Cycling Centre is a unique place of learning and development for athletes and coaches. Through its network with the international federations, the World Cycling Centre are able to identify the best emerging talent in the Olympic disciplines and offer them to train for prolonged periods of time with some of the best coaches based at the world-class facilities in Aigle.

About 100 promising athletes benefit from the programme every year. Some of the recognisable alumni include Lisandra Guerra (track), Victoria Pendleton (track), Sifiso Nhlapo (BMX) or Daniel Teklehaimanot (road).

The exciting partnership with Full Spead Ahead enables the new generation of young riders to train on top-quality equipment.



Rad International has been in Mallorca since 1982 and was from the very beginning. It is a well-known provider of  cycling vacation by the individual needs of the guests.

The south west of the island is chosen as it is the most beautiful area and it is directly at the Tramuntana mountains, so apart from road biking, it’s also a perfect location for MTB tours.

The personal touch, the high quality bicycles and material that sets Rad International apart from the mass. The team consists of bicycle mechanics, mechanic masters, experienced guides and are thus well qualified for the demanding day to day business. Another difference to competitors is that Rad International is open year round and most of the staff is permanently employed.

Rad International offers three bike stations (Magalluf, Santa Ponsa and Paguera) and about 400 high quality bicycles from Canyon, ISAAC and Cube.

You can easily book, either the entire vacation (flight, hotel, bike, guided tours), or just a bicycle directly on our website.

For news and activities about Rad International: www.rad-international.com

Check out the Facebook Fanpage as well www.facebook.com/radinternational



Dynamo Camp Loghi

Dynamo Bike Challenge 2015

The Dynamo Bike Challenge is a charity event born to support the non-profit organization Dynamo Camp through a bicycle race winding across the Tuscan hillside. Dynamo Camp Onlus is the only Italian camp, member of the SeriousFun Children’s Network founded by Paul Newman, that provides recreational therapy for children suffering from acute and chronic illnesses.

The event is inspired by the Pan Massachusetts Challenge, an annual bike-a-thon born in the US in 1980 to raise funds for cancer research, that since its foundation has raised 440 million $.


The Dynamo Bike Challenge is a two day cycling event, whose third edition will take place on May 23th and 24th 2015, inside and around the astonishing WWF affiliated oasis in the Tuscan Apennine mountains, where Dynamo Camp is located. The event will consist of two parts: a long-distance race in two stages for amateurs and tourist cyclists (Saturday and Sunday) and a Mountain Bike Challenge, the MTB Nature XC, along the trails of the WWF affiliated oasis (Sunday) All participants are invited to further help the cause through personal fundraising.

For more information or to view routes, regulation and registration, visit the website www.dynamobikechallenge.org.